Paper Plate Christmas Trees

Super easy and fun to make, these paper plate Christmas trees are going to keep your kids occupied and add some instant Christmas cheer into your home!



What you need

  • Paper Plates (1 per tree)
  • Clear tape
  • Green paint
  • PVA glue
  • Multi-coloured pom poms, stickers or sequins.




  • Create the cone shape with your paper plate by finding the centre of the plate and cutting out a wedge that is a quarter of the plate.
  • Roll the plate into a cone shape and seal on the inside with the clear tape.
  • Paint your cone green. You can paint it before rolling into the tree shape if that's easier, but the kids may love painting the tree and seeing it come to life. 
  • Once the paint is dry, using PVA glue, glue on your pom poms to decorate your trees!
  • If needed, now that you're finished you may wish to add another piece of tape on the outside of the cone to help keep the shape of the tree.


Courtesy of:

Paper Plate Christmas Trees - BigToes Australia