Mimic natural
barefoot walking

Letting your child learn to stand, balance and walk more freely without the tight constraints of shoes.

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Non Toxic

All of our shoes are glue free

Odour free

Breathable lightweight footwear

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Meet our

Thanks to science, our BigToes allow your little one to spread their toes freely and yet provides full support crucial for growth + cognitive development.

• Lightweight + non-slip.

• Protects their feet from the elements.

• Ages 6 months to 3 years.

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What People Are Saying

She walks so naturally in them!

My daughter absolutely loves her Big Toes shoes. They are the first shoes she reaches for when we are getting dressed for the day, which I am so happy for given previously she loved thongs that weren't supportive for her little feet. She's only been walking for a few months and when wearing the Big Toes we've noticed a difference in how she walks naturally in them similar to when she has no shoes on. The colour choices and patterns are amazing and so cool that the Chameleon styles change colour!!"

Sarah L, Gold Coast, Qld.

We love our BigToes shoes

"They have been so easy to get on and compared to other brands we have tried they don’t smell at all!  While we have been on holidays we have had so many comments on the styles and questions where they can buy. Our boys also love to see the Chameleon shoes change colour."

Ash H, Brisbane, Qld.

BigToes have been great for our son!

"The Chameleons have sparked his interest and he loves watching them change colour. He actually brings his shoes to us now to get them on his feet, where previously we had to wrestle with him to get shoes on. We have taken our son to a few water parks with the BigToes on as we had with other similar shoes and his feet always smelt pretty bad afterward. I think the BigToes must be more breathable as we are yet to have smelly feet! Love, love, LOVE our BigToes and so does our son!" 

Wayne B, Northern NSW.


The best head start
at movement

• Scientific Design

• Non-toxic material

• Breathable & machine washable

• Light-weight, non-slip

• 35 different designs to choose from


got the

Simply place your BigToes shoes in a delicates bag and pop them in the wash with your kids clothes! At the end of the wash cycle, just remove the shoes from the delicates bag and place them somewhere safe to air dry.
Of course! We really mean it when we say our shoes are great for all occasions!

They are a great alternative to slippers around the house in the cooler months and are the perfect beach and water play shoes in the warmer months, with our non-slip soles putting parents’ minds at ease when their little ones are playing on wet, slippery surfaces.
Every child is different and everyone grows at their own rate, therefore we do not like to put an age bracket on our sizes and rather work off the actual length of your child’s foot.
  • To measure your little ones foot accurately you will need a ruler or soft measuring tape.
  • Place the 0cm marker of your ruler or measuring tape at the heel of your child. Use your index finger to line up the 0cm with the back of their heel.
  • Help your little one to straighten their foot out and relax their toes.
  • Measure to the tip of their big toe by using your index finger on your other hand to pin point the tip of your little wrigglers big toe.
  • Consult our sizing chart here (link chart) to select the best size for your little adventurer!
Anywhere. Literally anywhere. Our styles are versatile and work with so many outfits! Our shoes are practical for day care but formal enough for weddings and parties. They are perfectly casual for play dates, or a trip to Bunnings and are ideal for the beach to protect little feet from the hot sand! Wear them around the pool at home, or splashing around at the local water park – our soles are non-slip so they are great at protecting your little one as they engage in water play or run around on wet, slippery surfaces.