"Barefoot walking is important for the natural development of a child’s feet and assists in developing their balance and coordination. However, protection against hot bitumen, broken glass and other potential hazards to little feet is also important and that’s why I recommended BigToes.

They are lightweight and flexible to allow the foot to develop naturally but durable to protect tiny feet from damage. When a child wears rigid shoes all day, the area in the brain dedicated to receiving feedback from the feet is smaller than a barefoot walker as it is receiving less stimuli. With Barefoot walking and BigToes shoes the child will feel undulations of the ground they are walking on increasing the feedback to the brain and therefore increasing the area of the brain dedicated to the feet. This promotes coordination, balance and a natural foot development.

As a mum myself with an active toddler it is great to have a quick shoe to slip on that he can’t shake off. The sock forms part of the shoe so I know his feet are ventilated and when they get dirty you can throw them in the wash!"

Reasons why Phoebe recommend BigToes: 

  • Protection against potential hazards
  • Easy to slip on
  • Lightweight and flexible and mimics barefoot walking
  • Promotes coordination, balance and natural foot development
  • Plenty of designs to appeal to children such as animal prints and colour changing


Phoebe Armfield

M. Pty APAM Physiotherapist and owner of Bump Fitness Physiotherapy



Did you know that as children learn to walk, they are activating muscle chains for posture all the way through from their feet to their head!
Muscle chain development is essential for correct posture.  Every time our foot contacts the ground when walking, signals are stimulated related to balance and posture, this is a ‘learned response’ from early walking years.  Starting to walk is a challenge, but the body learns quickly, so it is important to make sure the right signals are there from day one.
As a chiropractor dedicated to children’s health for over 20 yrs I only recommend the best products, this includes BigToes. When looking at footwear for growing feet it is very important to look at the affect a shoe design will have on foot contact with the ground and its effect on postural development, because maintaining good posture includes good foot posture, optimal ‘ground contact’ and ‘functional movement’.  I recommend BigToes because they allow for complete foot and toe contact with normal functional movements, whilst protecting the feet against little nasties on the ground! 
As a parent myself, I cannot recommend BigToes enough as the perfect shoe for your little one. Whether bub is learning their first steps, or to have something on their feet as you have a toddler on the move, you won’t regret investing in a pair of BigToes for your child."
Nigel Nulty
CEO, Chiropractor – Chiro One Helensvale.