When our little guy figured out how to move himself around the place, we knew there would be times he’d need shoes. 
We’re a family who are passionate about physical and mental health. We knew that our son’s feet needing protecting when he was out and about, but we also knew that the wrong shoes could damage his development and cause pain and discomfort. Nonetheless we ploughed ahead, only to find they caused blisters, instability and terrible foot odour. 
We knew of others on the market with a similar-looking design, so tried them on our son. Still, the problems continued.
That’s when we took matters into our own hands. 
We liked the ‘slip on/off’ design, knowing how wriggly little people can be! The main thing was that it needed to still be a functional shoe. 
The Big Toes design is patented in Japan. Our ‘big toe box’ provides ample room for little toes to stretch, fan, and wiggle; a necessary part of learning to walk. 
The top of the shoe sits below the ankle, providing the right amount of support without itching, rubbing, or over-stabilizing the ankle. With too much ankle support, the child can end up relying on the shoe for stability. 
All our shoes have no glue or rubber. They’re made from breathable cotton and Thermoplastic Elastomer (TPE). This makes them lightweight, non-slip, and moisture wicking. Say goodbye to slippery, smelly feet! 
Finally, our ‘chameleon’, colour changing design is patented and cannot be found anywhere else. When exposed to UV light, the soles change colour! This not only sparks curiosity and intrigue, but makes children actually want to wear their shoes! 
All of the shoe’s features combine to mimic barefoot walking as much as possible. 
As a family, we’ve been able to find and distribute a shoe that helps families with the development of their little ones. We work consistently with our stockists to build trusting and long lasting Australian business relationships.
Our children are our future, and every new adventure starts with a single step.