Make it Elf-tastic: Tips for Days 1-12!

Make it Elf-tastic: Tips for Days 1-12! - BigToes Australia

It's that time of year again when mischievous little elves invade our homes, bringing joy and excitement to little and big kids alike. That's right, it's the 24 days of Elf on a Shelf! This mischievous little elf has been delighting kids around the world for years, bringing an extra dose of holiday cheer into our homes. If you're looking for some tried and tested ways to sprinkle a little extra magic around the home and make this holiday tradition extra special, look no further. We've got you covered with a sleigh full of elf-tastic ideas that our kids absolutely loved! Here are some whimsical ideas to get you started. 


Day 1: The Big Arrival!

My advice: Start simple with the arrival. Have your elf arrive via ‘Elf Mail’ or sports car with a letter from Santa. My Magical Moments has some great and simple options for your elf arrival. Or simply have them just hanging around. Having the elves in the house is usually enough excitement to start with!


Day 2: General House Keeping

 Use the elves to help remind your little ones of important tasks around the house. It could be to close the door, turn off lights, or as was the case in our home last year, flush the toilet!


Day 3: Elf’s Camping Adventure

Create a camping adventure for your elves, complete with a clear view of the milky way.


Day 4: Elf’s Art Gallery

 Print some images as miniatures and also A4 and set your elves up at your kids craft area for a morning of colouring. My advice is to save this one for a weekend, or a day that’s forecast for rain so the kids have something exciting to keep them occupied for a while.


Day 5: Masterchef Elf Addition

The elves are getting comfortable now and starting to get a little adventurous or mischievous. The elves wanted to make “Santa’s Special Cupcakes” for the kids but decided the flour looked too much like snow, so they got side tracked and started playing! For a little extra adventure, print a simple cupcake recipe as a miniature and get baking with the kids!



Day 6: Don’t forget to brush

 After baking those cupcakes, and no doubt licking the bowl, it’s the perfect time to remind the kids the best brushing techniques to maintain their healthy pearly whites!


Day 7: Road maintenance

All you need is a little high-vis vest, a couple of make shift stop signs and a bunch of toys and you can create a peak hour traffic jam for your elves and toys!



Day 8: Shoe, Shoe Train

 Road maintenance is taking a little too long so the elves need to catch the ‘Shoe, Shoe Train’ to their next activity!


Day 9: Wanna Build a Snowman?

“The sky’s awake, so I’m awake!” My kids love to quote young Anna and Elsa from the beginning of Frozen. Their most favourite line has got to be from young Anna as she pries her sleeping sister’s eyes open “Wanna build a snowmannn”



Day 10: Checking in with Santa

 We’re almost halfway there, time to check in with Santa and give him an update. This is a great, quick set up you can do when the kids have drained your day and are on the verge of moving on to the naughty list!


Day 11: Boo-Nana!

All you need for this one is a couple of banana costumes or toys and a fruit bowl! Leave a joke somewhere for the kids to see and send them on a game of hide and seek.


Day 12: Keep decorating

 Two weeks until Christmas and no doubt your little cherubs are bringing home some amazing art work and decorations from Kindy, day care or vacation care. So have the elves help put the decorations around the house or on the Christmas Tree.