Sleeping Rabbit
Sleeping Rabbit
Sleeping Rabbit

Sleeping Rabbit

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Shh… Baby rabbit is sleeping! This gorgeous pink and grey Sleeping Rabbit design is quickly proving to be a favourite amongst our BigToes wearers. Sleeping Rabbit has a versatile colour palette, making it the ideal shoe for all occasions.

BigToes shoes have been scientifically developed to mimic barefoot walking for babies and toddlers. Produced following a 2004 Japanese patented design, the big toe box allows the wearer to spread their toes freely and naturally to instil confidence when learning to stand, balance and walk.

BigToes provides full support without taking away that barefoot feel which is crucial for growth and cognitive development, nor do they add too much support around the ankle where bub feels the sole rubbing as they walk, causing discomfort and in some cases hindering their desire to walk too far. This feature in BigToes also ensures the ankle is not reliant on support and does not affect the development of their feet, ankles, knees and hips.

BigToes are completely glue free and made of non-toxic materials, eliminating the issue of foot odour after short term wear. Coupled with a variety of cute designs, more and more parents and children are loving their BigToes!

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