Navigating the Whimsical World of 'Birthday Season' with Three Kids

Navigating the Whimsical World of 'Birthday Season' with Three Kids - BigToes Australia

Love, laughter and quirky celebrations.

If you've ever wondered what it's like to juggle the quirkiest birthday desires of three young children in a span of just a few months, welcome to our world! In our house, 'birthday season' is a whirlwind of cupcakes, cake decorating, superhero costumes, mermaid fantasies, and the occasional knee replacement (yes, you read that right). Strap in for a ride through the hilarious, heart-warming, and often chaotic adventures of celebrating our kids' birthdays, all while keeping pace with Kindy's exciting themed weeks.


Our journey into 'birthday season' begins with cupcakes—lots and lots of cupcakes. With three birthdays in quick succession, I became a cupcake-making maestro, whipping up over 50 of these bite-sized delights for the kids to take to kindy and share with their friends. Superhero-themed cupcakes for the eldest, Mermaid-inspired ones for our little fashionista, and ocean-themed treats for the youngest. Who knew cupcakes could be so versatile? So cupcakes to share and a unique cake creation for each birthday party. Our dining table transformed into a cake decorating station as we brought to life the cake visions of superheroes, whales and under-the-sea mermaids. Our kitchen bore the evidence of our cake decorating escapades, with a kaleidoscope of edible glitter and icing colours splattered across countertops.


Our daughter's third birthday brought an unexpected twist—a dance recital extravaganza the day after her birthday. She insisted on wearing her prettiest dress to kindergarten, adorning her hair like her favourite Disney character, and hosting a dance party with all her friends for her birthday. We danced our hearts out, and I secretly hoped my hip-swivelling moves didn't traumatise her friends for life. The next day was her dance recital and as hubby and I sat front row filled with nerves and excitement for her first ever time on stage, we couldn't have been more proud of our little girl for giving it a go, and even more so for wanting to get back out there and continue with her dance lessons each week. 


Our youngest, at just one year old, is a mystery. He's too young to voice his birthday wishes, but as we observe his growing personality, we can't help but wonder what type of festivities he will insist on next year. Will he follow in his sister's footsteps and crave the spotlight, or will he take a page from his older brother's book and opt for a cosy day at home with new toys and treats? Amidst this whirlwind of children's birthdays, we squeezed in my own birthday and Father's Day. It's a humorous balancing act, celebrating our own milestones while ensuring our kids' birthday dreams come true. This 'birthday season' taught us the art of multitasking, and we've become experts in simultaneously blowing out candles and wiping frosting off little faces.


Just when we thought 'birthday season' couldn't get any crazier, my husband threw in a knee replacement surgery. We traded cake baking for ice packs and party hats for crutches. But hey, who needs sleep when you have a family full of birthday wishes to fulfil? As if 'birthday season' wasn't enough, Kindy gave us its own surprises. We navigated through Book Week, Science Week, and Outdoor Week, creating costumes, conducting messy experiments, and exploring the great outdoors. It was a delightful whirlwind of creativity and learning.


We round down 'Birthday Season' with my husband's birthday next month. Thankfully, he specifically told me he doesn't need balloons, decorations, or a party and will be happy with a store bought cake... or perhaps it's his way of saying he doesn't like my baking!


As we emerge from 'birthday season,' I can't help but smile. The chaotic days, the late nights, and the laughter-filled moments have made it all worthwhile. Our children have shown us that celebrating their unique personalities is the greatest gift of all. So, here's to the next 'birthday season' in our quirky household—a year of new adventures, evolving tastes, and endless love.

And who knows, maybe next year, we'll be discussing the quirks of planning a 2-year-old's birthday bash that's destined to outshine them all. Stay tuned for the next instalment of the 'Birthday Season Chronicles'!