"We love our Big Toes shoes. They have been  so easy to get on and compared to other   brands  we have tried they don’t smell at all!   While we have been on holidays we have had   so many comments on the styles and   questions   where they can buy. And our older   boys also   love to see the Chameleon shoes   change   colour   as well as our 18 month old." 
 Ash H, Brisbane, Qld.


"My daughter absolutely loves her Big Toes shoes. They are the first shoes she reaches for when we are getting dressed for the day, which I am so happy for given previously she loved thongs that weren't supportive for her little feet. She's only been walking for a few months and when wearing the Big Toes we've noticed a difference in how she walks naturally in them similar to when she has no shoes on. The colour choices and patterns are amazing and so cool that the Chameleon styles change colour!!"

Sarah L, Gold Coast, Qld.


"The BigToes have been great for our son!  The Chameleons have sparked his interest   and he loves watching them change colour.   He actually brings his shoes to us now to get   them on his feet, where previously we had to   wrestle with him to get shoes on. We have   taken our son to a few water parks with the   BigToes on as we had with other similar   shoes and his feet always smelt pretty bad   afterward. I think the BigToes must be more   breathable as we are yet to have smelly feet!   Love, love, LOVE our BigToes and so does   our son!" Wayne B, Northern NSW.